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World War II was the largest and most destructive war in modern history. The Marine Corps was deeply involved in the war from start to finish. Here is a collection of links to various pages on WW2 Gyrene that showcase what it was like to be a Marine in that time.

To be a Marine - What was it like to serve as a Leatherneck in the Second World War?

The Role of the Marine Corps in World War II - A brief overview of the evolution of amphibious doctrine, and how the Marine Corps executed it.

Boot Camp in World War II - Recruit training was the crucible that forged the warriors who were at the sharp end of the spear.

Wartime Qualification with the M1 Rifle - Marksmanship has always been a critical skill for Marines.This page examines how the Corps maintained high standards in the press of war.

Below are links to some of my fictional short stories that illustrate different facets of the World War II Marine Corps experience.

The Experience of Combat - This was my first attempt at writing a short story in 2003. In it, I tried to describe the passage of a Marine onto the carnage of a hot beach.

Night in the Jungle - This story was inspired by a series of conversations I had with a Marine who had served on Bougainville. Hopefully, I did his memories justice.

Buddies - In re-reading my stories, this is the one I like the best. It describes the depth of friendship between shipmates.

New Zealand - During the war Marines spent countless nights with only the bare minimum of comforts and the friendship of their buddies. This story examines one such night.

Banzai! - Here is an attempt to convey the terror of a night time Japanese banzai assault.

Flamethrower Up! - Flamethrower operators lived their own hell in the war's cold equation. This story illustrates one Marine's effort to do his job and stay alive.

The Letter - Every commander dreaded writing condolence letters to the families of his Marines who had been killed in action. This sotry looks at the toll on a company commander as he tries to write one of these letters.

Here is a collection of links to pages on WW2 Gyrene that don't fit into a specific area. In them, I example themes and subjects that are important to filling out the picture of the Corps, and the Americans who served in forest green.

Who was Sergeant John M. Stryker? - Sands of Iwo Jima ranks among the most important war pictures of all time. Here I examine John Wayne's role in this film.

WW2 Gyrene's Section on the HBO miniseries 'The Pacific'. - The Pacific was a landmark and likely a watershed event in the portrayal of World War II Marines. I reviewed each episode as it was screened on HBO.

Hard Road to Triumph by Kerr Eby
USMC Art Collection


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