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NOTE: If you know of a World War II Marine Corps related web site, please send the link to WW2 Gyrene . These links are current as of 2 May 2009. Thanks, and Semper Fidelis!



The 1st Marine Division Association- A great web site with information on all eras of the Old Breed's history.

The 2nd Marine Division Association - Another great site with information on all era's in the Silent Second's history.

The 3rd Marine Division Association - Lots of outstanding information about the Caltrap Division.

The 4th Marine Division Association - This web site is dedicated to the World War II history of the Fighting Fourth.

The 5th Marine Division Association - This link is for the Yahoo Group of the Spearhead Division. Unfortunately, I haven't found a web site dedicated to the World War II history of this gallant unit.

The 6th Marine Division - The official site for the Striking Sixth. This site provides a good overview of the division's participation in World War II.



A Marine on Iwo Jima calls out a fire
mission—February 1945 USMC Photo



The Marine Raiders - This is truly an outstanding web site. It provides an incredible amount of information on this proud unit.

Dan Marsh's Raider Page - Dan served with the 4th Raider Battalion & with the 6th MarDiv on Okinawa. This is his tribute to all Marines who earned the title "Raider."

Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion - Sponsored by the Force Recon Association. Includes a unit chronology and pictures of World War II recon Gyrenes.

The 1st Armored Amphibian Battalion - An interesting web site about the Corps' amphibious tanks.

4th Marine Regiment - This is the site for the Marine Corps chapter of the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor.Has a list of members, attached personnel, plus some interesting links & stories.

Striking Sixth - A well-organized site from the grandson of a Sixth Division Marine.

Co E, 2nd Bn, 7th Marines - What an outstanding web site! E 2/7 has served in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, Desert Storm, and OIF. These Marines are a band of brothers and this site looks at the company across generations.

Company C, 23rd Marines - This web site is owned by a World War II Marine who served in this unit. Lots of great information from someone who was there.

Company A, 24th Marines - This is another 4th MarDiv veteran web site Interesting stories and good photos.

1st Battalion, 24th Marines -A web log and information source from Geoff Roecker, the relative of a Marine who died while serving with A 1/24. Includes high resolution scans of the battalion's pages in the 24th Marines' Redbook, and a wealth of other stuff.

HQ Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Marines - A nicely done web site with many pictures from Camps Pendleton, Maui and combat in the Pacific.

26th Marines - Association website with information and stories about the regiment that served on Iwo Jima and at Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War.

North China Marines - An interesting and informative site dedicated to the Marines who served as "Old China Hands."

China Marines Band - This is an outstanding site from MSgt Donald Versaw, who served with the 4th Marines Band in China. Has an online book of MSgt Versaw's experiences, streaming music videos, & great photos.

Navajo Code Talkers - A really well done tribute to the Code Talkers. Has an online version of the Navajo code, information about how Code Talkers were employed by the Corps, & much more.

Marine Air Group 61 - Reunion site for Marines of MAG-61, which flew PBJ-1 medium bombers in World War II. Includes a short group history, reunion information and an honor roll of group Marines who died in World War II.

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Eleven - Another outstanding Airwing site devoted to a PBJ-1 squadron. Includes and extensive links list, streaming music from the wartime ra, and much more.

Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen - This is a motivating site from one of the Marine outfits that flew the PBJ-1 medium bomber in World War II. Truly an outstanding resource, with mission logs, unit history, photographs of all hands, links to other Air Wing outfits & too much more to list. A WW2Gyrene must-visit!

Marine Bombing Squadron Four Thirty-Three - A great Air Wing resource built around the World War II cruise book for this outfit that flew the PBJ-1.

Marine Fighter Squadron One-Twelve - An outstanding site sponsored by the Wolfpack, who flew Wildcats in the early days of Guadalcanal. Includes a photo album, squadron roster and history and much more.

Marine Amphibian Trucks - The story of the DUKWs by a former platoon sergeant in the 2nd Amphibian Truck Co. Has technical data on the DUKW, info about the 6 DUKW companies that served in the war, & a small photo archive.

Marine Photographic Squadron One-Fifty Four - Association site for the Marine aviators who flew the PB4Y1 Liberator in the recon role during World War II.

31st Naval Construction Battalion - This is a great site from the Seabees that served with the 5th Marine Division at Iwo Jima. Includes an interesting history of this little known, but very important part of the Iwo Jima campaign. Can Do!

133rd Seabee Bn PUC Petition - The 133rd NCB served with the 4th MarDiv during the initial landing at Iwo Jima. Through a probable clerical mistake, the 133rd was not listed in the unit roster for the PUC. This online petition is an attempt to get the Navy Department to correct this error. It's tough after so many years, but it's the right thing to do!


Peleliu- September 1944. A tank-infantry
team of the 1st MarDiv moves into the Horseshoe
in the Umurbrogol. USMC Photo



Hyperwar: The USMC in World War II - Online versions of the World War II monographs and other historical texts. This is an essential archive to learning about the Marine Corps. You'll find the complete texts for the 'red books', links to Marine Corps sites, and much more.

The National War in the Pacific Historical Park - A truly amazing site from the National Park Service. Has online photo albums of the Pacific campaigns, an online edition of the Marines in World War II Commemorative series, plus an interactive timeline of the Pacific war. Highly recommended!

Pearl Harbor Survivors Ass'n - The official site for veterans of 7 December 1941. Includes casualty ststistics by service, a list of ships damaged or sunk, and much more.

Marines on Guadalcanal - This site is part of worldwar2 history.info. It provides an overview of the Guadalcanal campaign. The contents is adapted from the book Into the Rising Sun.

Guadalcanal Campaign Veterans - This is the site for veterans of all services who served on air, land, or sea in the campaign for Guadalcanal. Includes information about reunions, PDF download of the latest association newsletter, etc.

Guadalcanal Journal - The World War II diary of James R. Garret, a member of I/3/11 on the 'canal.

Guadalcanal Battlesites - An interesting site from an Australian historian who has visited the 'canal many times. Lots of color photos of battlefields, camp areas and other places. Worth an in-depth visit.

Oral History of PhM1/c Louis Ortega - From the Naval Historical Center. Doc Ortega served with the 7th Marines on the 'canal.

Overpaid, Oversexed, and Over Here? - Melbourne, Australia as it was in 1943, when the city served as home to the men of the 1st MarDiv.

Tarawa on the Web - One of the very best Marine Corps related web sites anywhere. This is a ww2gyrene must!

The Invasion of Saipan - This site is by CWO Brian Blodgett, USA(ret). A good strategic overview of Operation Forager and the tactical conduct of the campaign. Has links to a discussion forum, campaign credit list, and more.

Saipan Memories of David Moore - The personal account of a Navy Seabee who served in the Marianas campaign. Interesting vignettes of war, and some good photos.

American Memorial Park, Saipan - Another good National Park Service web site Has a virtual museum of artifacts & pictures from the Liberation of Saipan.

Mike Kier's Peleliu Site - A good Peleliu site from the son of a 1st MarDiv Marine.

Iwo Jima Association of America - Survivors of the battle for Iwo Jima founded the association, which has grown to encompass all who are inbterested in keeping the memory alive. This site features photo galleries, video clips of relevant news stories, information on how to join the association, and much more.

Iwo Jima History - Excerpts from the combat logs of the divisions that fought on bloody Iwo. Provides some great raw material on one the Corps' most rugged campaigns.

Iwo Jima-One Man Remembers - A simple, but powerful narrative of combat by George Nations, who served in the 5th Tank Battalion on Iwo Jima.

Graves of Iwo Jima Flag raisers - Information about burial sites of the Marines in E 2/28, and others, who were involved in the flag raisings at Mt. Suribachi.

West Point Pacific War Maps - The excellent maps from West Point's landmark atlas of World War II operations. From Military.com.



SgtMaj"Hashmark" Johnson instructing
recruits at Montford Point, 1943 USMC Photo



Sgt Dick Bailey - An interesting and easy to read journal from an Old Corps Marine who served with the 2nd MarDiv throughout World War II.

Sgt Joseph Bright - This site tells tells the story of a Devil Dog who served with the 4th MarDiv in 4 campaigns.

Cpl Robert Cook - This site tells the story of a 2nd MarDiv Gyrene who served on the 'canal and Tarawa. It's packed full of information.

Dunc's Homepage - Web site of Basil Duncan, who served with 1st JASCO during the war. Has a good account of the Marianas campaign, the 4th MarDiv & vignettes from Mr. Duncan's life. Also, has a bulletin board, & other cool stuff. Well worth a visit.

Sgt Patrick Finelli - An informative site about a Marine who served with the 1st Pioneer Battalion on Peleliu, & as a combat swimmer with UDT-6. A tribute by Sgt Finelli's son.

PhM1/c John Kenneth Hildebrand - This is a great site dedicated to a Corpsman who was killed in action at Tarawa serving with HQ Co 1/6. You'll find information about the battle, Doc Hildebrand and his buddies, and much more.

Pvt Michael Lazaro, Mike hailed from Chicago, Ill., and served with the 1st MarDiv. He was killed in action on Peleliu. This site is a tribute from his family.

1stLt Jack Lummus, USMCR - A web site dedicated to the former NFL player and Medal of Honor recipient Jack Lummus.

Cpl Joe Pagac - This is an amazing collection of Joe's photos from his time serving with Co C, 1st Parachute Bn, and H 3/26. One of the best personal photo groups on the web.

Sgt William Paull - An online memoir of a Marine who served in the 2nd Marine Division, & on Iwo Jima. Very well done.

Sgt Milton Royko - This is an outstanding online memoir and downloadable PDF file of a Marine who served from 1942-1945 with L 4/11, 1st MarDiv. The author served in every campaign that the Old Breed fought in and his memories are vivid and powerful.

Col Robert Scheer - An interesting site about a Marine who served as a career lawyer. During World War II he was the Staff Judge Advocate for the 1st MarDiv. This is a memorial page from Col Scheer's family.

Tribute to Pfc Joe South - An outstanding site dedicated to a Marine who died in combat with the 1st MarDiv on Peleliu.

Iwo Jima to the Frozen Chosin - A web site from career Marine James Stockton, which details his 20 years career. Great vignettes of life in the Corps.

Sgt Mike Strank - Link to the Arlington National Cemetery site with Sgt Strank's biography and photo. He was the squad leader of the Iwo Jima flag raisers in E 2/28. Also includes a photo of his grave site at Arlington. Sgt Strank is an inspiring example of the very best of Marine leadership.

Pfc Chuck Tatum - Chuck is the author of Red Blood, Black Sand and served with 1/27 in the battle for Iwo Jima.

Brothers in Battle - A really nice site about Bruce Watkins, who served with the 1st MarDiv on Cape Gloucester & Peleliu. Has a page of his letters home, a story about his return to Peleliu in 1998, and more.

American WWII Orphans Network - A comprehensive site from the sons and daughters of World War II servicemen lost in the war. Includes an extensive memorial section, links, tributes and much more.

Amtrac.org - This is the site for the role of amphibian tractors in the Marine Corps. Includes a history of amtracs, many photos, information about the Marines who served in amtracs from World War II through the modern era, and a detailed look at the whole apricot thing.

The Origin of Assault Amphibians - A research paper by Maj Richard Roan, USMC. Details the development and experimentation that led to the adoption of the LVT into Marine Corps service. From Global Security.org

The Bent Prop Project - A volunteer organization that searches the western Carolines for the remains of US aircraft lost in World War II. They work with the armed forces to recover and repatriate the remains of aircrew missing since World War II.

Defense Prisoner of War and Missing Personnel Office - The official web site of the DOD agency that tracks, recovers and repatriates the remains of our missing warriors. Includes alpah rosters of missing servicemembers from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the 1991 Gulf War.

The Art of Kerr Eby - An outstanding exhibit from the US Navy Art Collection. Showcases the charcoal sketches of Mr. Eby, one of America's premier combat artists. (Note: The Navy has recently migrated this page to a new web address and they haven't updated the addresses of the pictures.)

Library Of Congress Veterans's Interviews - A great collection of memories from World War II Marines. Many digitized interviews are archived here.(Interviews are playable with Real Player)

Marine War Dogs - An informative site covering the history of the K-9's who served bravely in combat.

Marine World War II aces - Extensive information on the Corps' top fighter pilots in the Pacific war. Includes a detailed list of all aces, short histories of Marine fighter squadrons, and more.

Marine World War II Shoulder Patches - An interesting site with pictures of most of the battle blazes worn by Marines during the war.

Montford Point Marines Ass'n - The official site of the pioneering African-American Marines. Includes comprehensive information, histories, and other resources. A must for understanding the full story of the World War II Gyrene!

Present Arms - This amazing and comprehensive site focuses on the pre-war Marine Corps. It is full of interesting stories and images. No other web sitye does such a great job showcasing this time of the Corps' history.

Sgt. Grit's World War II Stories - A cool group of stories about Gyrenes. Includes a 2nd MarDiv history, the 27th Marines in Iwo Jima, & lots more!

The World War II Navy Corpsman - Provides a history of the Navy Hospital Corps and information about the equipment carried by the World War II Corpsman.

US Navy Medical Art Collection - The virtual museum of the Navy Doc's who served with "in every clime & place" ashore and afloat during World War II.

War of our Fathers - Online edition of the beautiful color book of Pacific battlefields as they appear today. Some of the images are hauntingly beautiful.

USMC Tables of Organization - A well–organized overview of Marine infantry units in World War II. Includes D– thru G–series infantry battalion organization, Raider organization & more.

Women Marines Association - The site for women who have served in all eras in the Marine Corps. Includes a short history, membership information and links to other Marine Corps sites.




A USMC-HC automatic rifleman provides
supporting fire for his squad at a public demonstration.
(2003) USMC-HC Photo



The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation - This dedicated organization provides fundraising, planning and promotion for the unique role that the Marine Corps has played in world history.


National Museum of the Marine Corps - The web site for the museum that showcases the Corps' place in history.


The US Marine Corps Historical Company - The web site for the most outstanding living history group anywhere.

USMC History Division - The official web site. Lots of interesting information on all eras of the Corps' history.

Marine Corps Historical Publications - Sponsored by Headquarters, Marine Corps. Includes a wide variety of downloadable PDF files, among them, the five volume History of USMC Operations in World War II, various historical monographs, and other important works related to Marine Corps history.

Who's Who in Marine Corps History - Short biographies and photographs of many famous Marines. From the History and Museums Division.

The Coast Guard at war - The official USCG site for history. Includes links to many areas of interest, among them a wide variety of World War II topics.

US Navy Historical Center - The NHC has an impressive online archive. Many Marine-related subjects are available through key-word search.

MCRD San Diego Historical Society - Helping to preserve the past at one of the Corps' most historic locations. Has links to the MCRD Command Museum and Gift Shop.

Scuttlebutt and Smallchow - A salty harbor of Marine Corps history. Lots of motivating information and sponsors an e-mail discussion list on Marine history. Also has an on-line bookstore for Marine-related subjects.

Marine Corps Art of Col Donna J. Neary - One of the Corps' premier artists. Her painting of the 4th Division on Iwo Jima is on this site for online viewing.

Doc's Locker - The web site of retired Chief Hospital Corpsman Harry Penny. Provides information on all Hospital Corps Medal of Honor recipients and casualties since the establishment of the Hospital Corps.

The Marine Corps in San Diego - A short history of the Corps in 'Dago. Includes stories on MCRD, Camp Elliot, & the other major bases in San Diego County.

Bluejacket.com - A good source of information about many subjects of Marine history. Especially good is their list of Marine units & stations serving on 7 December 1941. Also has a good Pearl Harbor index, a list of World War II FPO codes, & lots more.

China Marines Living History Group - A group of living historians in the Midwest who recreate the Marines of Co F, 2nd Bn, Fifth Marines.

Lone Sentry - An outstanding in-depth collection of European Theater related material. Includes the text of wartime intelligence bulletins, lessons learned pamphlets, after action reviews, and much more.

The Price of Freedom - The Smithsonian timeline of American military history. This is an incredible virtual museum that covers each era from the Revolution up to the present.


A Field Music blows a bugle call, circa 1941. USMC Photo


WW2 Gyrene's Bookstore - The link to my bookstore at Amazon.com. Every book listed comes with the WW2 Gyrene seal of approval!

Leatherneck Lingo - From A-Z, THE place for Devil Dog slang. Sponsored by Leatherneck Magazine.

Marine Corps Ass'n Search - Archived articles from Leatherneck & Marine Corps Gazette going back to 1916.

The Marine Corps League - THE organization for Marines & FMF Corpsmen. Semper Fidelis!

Marine Corps Art & Graphics - Marine Richard Tracy's web site with artwork and motivating graphics.

US Marine Corps Quotes - If somebody said it about the Corps, you'll find it here. Great for quick motivation!

Clermont Yellow Ribbon - An inspiring multimedia presentation dedicated to our Marine, Soldiers, Sailors, & Airmen in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Home of Heroes - Lists all Medal of Honor recipients, citations, and other interesting information on the Medal of Honor.

Kilroy was Here - The little guy with a big nose popped up everywhere during World War II. This site tells Kilroy's story, and is full of great stuff about the men and women of the Greatest Generation.

Military History Institute World War II Archives - Sponsored by the US Army. A wide range of downloadable PDF files are available for free download here, including field and technical manuals, information bulletins, and many other documents.

NavSource - An outstanding resource on the ships of the US Navy. Includes the history and photos of almost every ship that has ever served in the Navy. Includes an extensive section on the Gator Navy.

World War II Impressions - Makers of the finest reproduction Marine uniforms for historians and reenactors. Owned by Juan Gonzalez, a stand-up guy with great customer service.

World War II Ration Technologies - Owned by my buddy, "Gizmo" Peterson. Gizmo has plans for do-it-yourself k-rations, and other cool stuff.

Sgt. Grit's Marine Specialties - THE place for Devil Dog stuff! Has an extensive online Marine-oriented store, forums, story pages, & way too much else to list. A WW2Gyrene must!

Below is a link to the You Tube video for Carbon Leaf's song The War Was in Color. This is one of the most powerful songs about war.

Click on the Gunny's face to go to the R. Lee Ermey web site Lots of outstanding Devil Dog motivation. OO-RAH!


Click on the banner above to visit Together We Served, by Marines and for Marines, and their Devil Docs.




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