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The images on these pages provide a unique look back at the world of the World War II Marine. Many are from the personal collections of Marines or their families who have granted permission for display here. Other images are from various sources, and these are credited as such on the pages involved. SEMPER FIDELIS!

page 1 – A 1/24, D 2/10, VMF-214

page 2 – Les Groshong's photos of pre-war Marine Corps Base, San Diego

page 3 – Les Groshong's photos of 3/8 and Guadalcanal

page 4 – Pfc Chuck Natzel–F 2/11; various pictures of Camp Tarawa

page 5 – Sgt Charles Saulmon–C 4th Tank Bn; SSgt Patrick Finelli; Tom Lemme

page 6 – Cpl Otto Vogel, E 2/14, Basil Duncan, 1st JASCO, Pfc Harry Graf, 2/28, A 5th Engineer Bn, 5th Medical Bn

page 7 – Iwo Jima pictures from Doc Sam Holman, Wpns Co, 28th Marines

page 8 – More pictures from Doc Holman; Sgt Theo Hios; 62nd Seabee Bn

page 9 – Cpl Lou Kogut, 5th Service Bn, Col James Waller, 13th Marines

page 10 – Capt Doit L. Fish, VMB-611; 1stLt Lee Happ, Jr., HQ Co, 3/24

page 11 – Sgt Robert A. Montgomery, HQ Co, 1/5

page 12 – Pvt William Niader, H&S, 7th Marines

page 13 – GySgt James Moll, A 1/7

page 14 – World War II postcard set from Camp Lejeune (part 1)

page 15 – World War II postcard set from Camp Lejeune (part 2)

page 16 – Cpl William "Hank" Stuart, 81mm Mortar Platoon, 1/1

page 17 – 81mm Mortar Platoon, 1/28, HQ Co 1/28

page 18 – Alda Devine, G 2/3; Cpl Lyle Nelson, 3rd Signal Co; Cpl Steve Aleksich, 3rd Raider Bn; Cpl Anthony Reviello, VMF(N)–542

page 19 – Capt Robert Scherr, SJA, 1st MarDiv

page 20 – PltSgt William C. Cross, 2/6

page 21 (part 1) - page 21 (part 2) PhM3/c Danny Thomas, BAS 2/23

page 22 - H 3/26 (part 1)     page 23 H 3/26 (part 2)

page 24 – Sgt Francis O'Brien, M 3/8; Cpl James Gallagher, 6th Marines; Sgt James Vaughan, M 3/6

page 25 – Cpl Richard Jessor, HQ 1/25

page 26 – Pfc Ray Ellis and his buddies in L 3/4

page 27 – 6th Radio Intelligence Platoon, FMFPac

page 28 – Pfc Ed Miller, G Btry, 7th Defense Bn, G 2/3

page 29 - 2/9; Cpl Fred Balester, 1st Scout Co

page 30 – Pfc Walter E. Brown, A 1/25

page 31 – MGySgt Wilfred Zeimet, B 6th Tank Bn

page 32 – Pfc Ross Whitney, Jr, E 2/27

page 33 - Col James Roosevelt, USMCR

page 34 - Pfc Peter J. Piechorowski, I 3/27

page 35 - The Third Marine Division in Color

page 36 - Pfc Arthur "Buddy" Kanert, Jr. K 3/3

page 37 - QM Sgt John Jarvis, 2nd Separate Engineer Bn

page 38 - Pfc Peter Ruvolo, 7th Marines

page 39 - Pfc Edward Bernoskey, B 1/3

Page 40 - Pvt Joseph Gambrel, 81mm Mortar Plt, 1st Bn, 28th Marines

Page 41 - First Marine Division Image Gallery

Page 42 - Images of D-Day at Peleliu

Page 43 - Dress Blues Image Gallery

Page 44 - The 6th Marine Division on Okinawa in Color

Page 45 - The M1 Rifle

Page 46 - Marine Corps Tanks in World War II

Page 47 - The Browning Automatic Rifle

Page 48 - The Winter Service Uniform

Page 49 - D-Day on Iwo Jima in color

Cpl Robert Thomas of Menlo Park, Calif. salutes the colors after receiving the Silver Star for gallantry in action with the 1st Raider Battalion during the Battle for Edson's Ridge on Guadalcanal, September 1942. Cpl Thomas was wounded in the cited action and evacuated to the US for treatment. Photo courtesy Les Groshong



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